Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belt


Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belt:-

In the conveyor system when the incline angle increases the material tends to roll back. The conventional approach is to increase the speed of the conveyor resulting in increasing the speed of the conveyor.

  • Space-saving due to smaller footprint
  • Increases the carrying capacity

We have developed conveyor belts to tackle this problem and improve operational efficiency and productivity. The belts have specially designed wear-resistant covers and cleats to provide superb wear life.

  • Savings in structural cost and power consumption
  • Flexible belt construction wraps around smaller pulleys

We offer a range of belts at STAR QUBIC which have different cleat designs and patterns, depending upon the type of material to be conveyed. The height of the cleat depends upon the lump size of the material to be conveyed and the angle of incline.

  • Available with special covers including Oil, Heat, or Fire resistant


  • C 15 profile cleat height 15 mm, for moderate inclines
  • L profile cleat height 17 mm, lump size up to 30 mm.
  • H and Y profile belts have a cleat height of 30 mm for lump size up to 80 mm.


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