Worm Reduction Gear Box


Worm Reduction Gear Box:-


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  • The Gearbox is provided with well-designed fins and fans for adequate dissipation of heat
  • The design is based on A-class standards
  • The Gearbox Design is modular and makes it interchangeable with other standard gearboxes
  • The Worm shaft is built with high-quality case-hardened steel that is precision-manufactured and ground-finished for better performance
  • Both Worm & Worm Wheel Shafts are mounted on High-quality Taper Roller / Angular contact Bearings to handle axial thrust and overhung loads
  • All Worm Gearboxes are available in Ratios of 5:1 to 70:1
  • Type- Horizontal/Vertical/Adaptable Gearbox.


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