Face Mounted





A “C-Face” motor is a common American mechanical standard designed with a rugged flange on the face of the motor for mounting purposes. The weight of the motor is supported by the flange, which is most commonly attached to a gearbox. The flange is strong enough to cantilever the motor.

High Specification cast iron electric motors.

B-5 Construction

Three – Phase, squirrel cage design

High-performance design, for longer life.

2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 pole motors

0.37KW to 1000KW in standard design

High-performance designs across the spectrum are also available.



Vibro lube system at frame 160 and above on request

Thermistors as standard at frame 160 and above

Fully Wedged Stators

Smoke spill motors on request

Multi-speed design available

Anti-condensation heaters on request

Voltages 400,525,690 and 1000 volt


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