Fire Resistance Rubber Conveyor Belt


Fire Resistance Rubber Conveyor Belt:-

Studies have shown that in conveyors, the belt is an important component to address the risk of personnel and installations in an industry. The effect of fire is devastating in terms of losses, both tangible and intangible.

Fire Resistance belts are commonly used in handling coal over the ground in coal mines and thermal power plants. They are also used for any materials which are prone to ignition during the process of conveying.

The components of the conveyor belt are combustible and can be a medium to propagate fire in an unlikely event. With the advantages in technology, and after much R & D we have been able to impart properties to conveyor belts so that the fire can be limited at the source.



Coal Mines

Ore Mines


Thermal Power Plants

Coal prep plants


This has been achieved by using a combination of polymers, chemicals, and additives which can be added to improve the fire retardant properties of the belt without compromising the wear life of the belt.


In order to cater to carrying levels of fire resistance, we have developed a range of belts that are in adherence to various domestic and international standards.

  • The usage reduces the risk of fire hazards and the potential loss of human life, material, and installation.
  • The belts are easy to splice.
  • The belts are Anti-Static.



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