Rubber Lagging Drum Pulley

Rubber Lagging Drum Pulley : 

STAR QUBIC manufactures a large range of high-quality conveyor pulleys with international standards.

Size capacity: Diameters up to 1800mm. Face widths up to 5000mm long. Shafts up to 580 diameters and 6000 mm long.

All pulleys have been developed using a high degree of security in the dimensioning of the flanges, in the sizing and penetration of the welding, and in the assembly between the shell, flange, and hub.                


Numerous lagging types are available, as required by the application and given specifications. Lagging is supplied according to all international standards.

These pulleys are used in specialized situations and conditions where dirty conditions require a protected bearing.

Sizes limitation with a 400mm shaft and 360mm diameter bearing.

The weld area is relocated to the drum/rim, resulting in lower alternating fatigue stress in the entire drum.

High-Quality Rubber Or Ceramic Lagging For Lower Belt Tension & Improved Life.

Alternative configurations: – A variety of sizes are available

Special paint: In high corrosive environments multi-part paint options are available


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